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Woo-Hoo for Baseball!

Claim Anything Baseball Related!
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Another claims community! Cecilia and Olivia rock. We're two really big baseball dorks, and we decided that there wasn't a community for claiming baseball stuff, so we decided to make one!

// Rules //
Really, be cool, and follow the rules.

1. Each member gets two claims. We get 5, because we made it, and we're cool like that.
2. Each baseball related item/people/whatever can only be claimed once.
3. If you leave the community, or if your journal is gone, the claim goes back up.
4. Be nice people! :)
5. Oh, and no dirty stuff like...you know what I mean. Keep it PG-13. (Yes, it is quite hard to do so. We understand.)
6. Check the claims list. It's a must.
7. Obviously you must join the community, but you don't have to friend it or put your claims in your profile. (But we'd appreciate it if you did, because it means more visitors!)

This community is maintained by iliveforthis and peeandsee.

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